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Employment in King City

Employment in the community of King City rose at an annual rate of 3.0% since 1998. Meanwhile, the number of total businesses in the are grew 6.3% annually during the same period. As of 2009, there were 1,350 people working in close to 95 firms in King City, which as increased from the approximately 970 people working in 50 firms surveyed in 1998.

Employment in the area consists largely of the construction sector, which employed 17.8% of the workforce. This is partly the result of Robert B. Somerville Construction, a major employer in the Township. The Public Administration and transportation and warehousing sectors were the seconds and third most common employers with 19.4% and 17.2% of works, respectively.

The largest growth sector in King City was public administration, which is attributable to the reolocation of the King Townhip Municipal Offices to King City. As a result. the growth of this sector (+260 jobs) should be viewed as more of a transfer of employment from one area to another rather than a net gain. Substantial increases between personal services (+90 jobs), education (+80 jobs), business services (+70 jobs), and F.I.R.E (+50 jobs)

King Municipal Profile 2009, pg. 30