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King by Numbers

Top 5 Private Employers in King Township

Showa Canada Ltd.Manufacturing and Assembly of Suspension System Supplying Allistion Honda Plant, 350 employees
Seneca College of Arts and TechnologyKing College Campus, 240 employees
B.C. InstrumentsPrecision Machining, 155 employees
Clublink CorporationCorporate Head Offices, 150 employees
Kingbridge Conference CentreConference Venue and Multifaceted Communication Facility, 145 employees 

King Township Growth Forecast


 YearKing CityNobletonSchombergRural AreaTotal
2008477031001970980019, 640
201810140 57003100990028, 840
202112000650035001000032, 000


Population and Employment


  Estimate *Projection to 2031 **
Population 20,44812,120
Employment 7,60012,120


Notes:  * Population and employment estimates as of June 30, 2008
            ** Population and employment projections for 2031 

Source: York Region Planning and Development Services Department, Long Range and Planning Branch

Top 10 Commercial Industrial Tax Payers in King TownshipSectorLocation
 The Kingbridge Centre Recreation & HospitalityKing City
 Showa Canada Inc. Manufacturing-Auto PartsSchomberg 
 Clublink Corporation Recreation & BusinessKing City
 KJ Beamish Construction Co. ConstructionKing City
 Cardinal Golf Course Recreation & HospitalityKettleby
 Nobleton Plaza Retail & Personal ServicesNobleton 
 Ikra Holdings Ltd. Recreation & HospitalityKing City
 Nobleton Lakes Golf Course Recreation & HospitalityNobleton 
 Yonge Street Self Storage Inc. Retail & Personal ServicesNear Bradford
 Brownsville Junction Plaza Retail & Personal ServicesSchomberg 


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