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Beth Underhill Stables

The Product

Beth Underhill Stables was established in 1987 by Beth Underhill, a renowed world class equestrian athlete.In the competitive equestrian market, as in any other business, it is important to offer a quality product, provided with quality service. Beth Underhill Stables operates on 100 acres in Schomberg. The 20 horses occupy 12' by 12' box stalls in a modern barn facility.

Training and coaching are given to both riders and horses, with the focus on the disciplines of equitation, hunter and jumper performance. Boarding and showing are integral in the operation of this successful stable. To meet the increasing interest and demand in the market, services also include clincs, seminars, workshops and equine sales.

The People

The business employs 5 staff on a full-time basis. Each stable employee will have the responsibility of caring for 4 to 5 horses, taking up to 3 hours per day for the care of each horse. The horses are excercised 6 days a week. The veterinarian will visit once or twice a week as part of the routine care schedule.

Students, of all ages, usually take 2 or 3 lessons per week, depending on their personal goals in the sport. Students include residents from the local King community and others within about an hour of travel time.

Beth is a champion performer and trainer on the world stage. Her career in competition spans almost three decades, and includes such events as the Pan American Games, the World Equestrian Games and the Olympics (1992). She has been seen by over 3 million spectators and by over 20 million TV viewers.

The Performance

Horses and riders from the stables regularly compete during the event months running from February until November. It is an intense schedule that requires significant commitment in time, energy and money, which reflects both the level of dedication to the sport, and the number of successes in the arena.

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