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Education in Schomberg

Schomberg has elementary educatio​n in both public and separate school sectors.




 Schomberg C​o-op Nursery School

31 Church Street, Schomberg
T: (905) 939-8386


 Schomberg Public School, JK-6

21 Main Street, Schomberg 
T: (905) 939-7711

-Houses students from Kindergarten to Grade 6.
-Approximate enrolment 162
-Approximate staffing 14
-Students walk, are driven, or are bussed 

 St. Patrick’s Catholic School

51 Western Ave., Schomberg
T: (905) 939-7753

-Houses students from Kindergarten to Grade 8
-Approximate enrolment 320
-Approximate staffing 25
-Students walk, are driven, or are bussed

Elementary Public School students graduate Schombe​rg Public School and they are bussed to Nobleton Publi​c School for grades 7 and 8.  Often students of the public school system decide to attend King City Secondary School for high school. 

The Separate School located in Schomberg is St. Patrick’s. Upon graduation, students often decide to go to Cardinal Carterlocated in Aurora for their secondary school education.  Optional private eduation is offered for children within King, and is is available through The Montessori Countr​y School located in Nobleton, The Country Da​y Private School located in King City on Dufferin Street or St.T​homas of Villanova College located on the 15th Sideroad in King City.