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Education in Nobleton

​The Village of Nobleton offers education from the public, separate and private sectors.

St Mary's Catholic Elementary School

75 Greenside Drive

T: 905.859.3336

-Houses students from Kindergarten to Grade 8
-Approximate enrolment 376
-Approximate staffing 33
-Students walk, are driven or are bussed
Nobleton Publ​ic School

13375 Hwy 27

T: 905.859.4590

-Houses students from Kindergarten to Grade 8
-Approximate enrolment 300
-Approximate staffing 17
-Students walk, are driven or are bussed
The Montessori Country School

6185 15th Sideroad

T: 905.859. 4739

-Private school offers programming for children aged 1-14 years
-Approximate enrolment 110
-Approximate staffing 25
-Tuition based on programming selected


Public School students usually attend King City Seconday School, 2001 King Road, King City, Separate School students usually attend Cardinal Carter in Aurora, 210 Bloomington West, Aurora. Other Private School options in King City and within close proximity to Nobleton, include St. Thomas of Villa Nova, 2480 15th Sideroad and The Country Day School, 13415 Dufferin St. Both offer programming for elementary and secondary students. Seneca College, King Campus, located at 13990 Dufferin Street in King City, offers postsecondary programs.